Friday, May 8, 2009

Scooby says...

The Jacket & Shorts

All right... this post will talk about jacket and shorts.
I bought this Nike jacket for quite long time ago... if not mistaken I bought it since I was Form4. It almost 5 years old but the condition is still in 99% perfect condition. Well I seldom wear it... why? Hardly can wear it because you know la... Msia weather so hot... how to wear... lol... I only wear it when in low temp or aircond surrounding... otherwise will "pengsan" if wear it under the hot sun :-p

Besides I also bought this Nike shorts for quite sometimes... I couldn't remember when.... But I'm pretty sure I bought it more than 4 years. This shorts looked simple and casual. Usually I will wear it for normal outing. Its comfortable. And unbelievable the condition is still good. Of course it slightly expensive than normal shorts. But I'm satisfied with the price la because I paid for better quality... hehe :-D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Break It???

Most of my friends know that I am fans of Nike...
And then... one of my very good friend bought me THIS!!!
Just Break It? It stiffer than what you think!!!
(trying to make fun of my favorite product brand slogan, BLEK :-p)
Anyway I appreciate it, thank you so much Yi Wern!!! lol!

The Nike ADS...

C.Ronaldo wanabe!!!

Dear footballer, please don't do this to get a pair of boots :-D

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nike... The Last Post...???

So... will this be my last post???
hehe... NOPE!!!... because I found out that blogging is quite fun...
besides, I still have alot of Nike products yet to introduce!
Therefore I will continue blogging about Nike products and also its services!
Do come back for the latest info! :-D

The Labor Abuse???

Hie all, how are you guys? Hope that you guys are doing good! Hehe!
So the previous class during my presentation, Miss Christine has ask me the issues regarding Nike labor abuse...
is it true?
Well, after I went for some survey... and the answer is... TOO MANY ANSWER la....!!!
Too many cases have been debate... accused here... accused there... claimed here... claimed there...
I unsure whether it is real or only just rumors...
Of course I personally not agree with labor abuse as a manufacturing tools...
If Nike is really abuse its labor such as using labor child/child labor, yes I will definitely stop consume its product!
Anyone of you have better opinions towards Nike Labor Abuse?
Come come... share with us... hehe :-D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Weaknesses...

Arrrgghhh... OMG OMG OMG... We'll have marketing IT quiz 12hours from now! and I'm still blogging! What the *&#%* am I doing? Suppose to study right... haiz...
All right... lets blog it fast!!!

This post regarding the Nike's product weaknesses. As after I consuming Nike's products for sometimes, I found out the weaknesses... and I would like to share it with you guys...
  1. One of my friend who work in Nike boutique, told me that Nike's shoes can ONLY wash by using water or with body shampoo. This is because the material of the shoes are very sensitive.
  2. The clothes must use hand-wash(my advise-don't ever use washing machine). I just realize this weakness when I started my uni-life in MMU. I wash my Nike clothes by using washing machine. And it end up... look at the pictures below
After I wash it with washing machine, the round neck colar turn ROJAK! !@#$%^&*

Did you face this problem? Come on... Share your opinion with me :-)
But, still I will continue support Nike and consume its products as I believe every products have its weaknesses. Kudos NIKE!!!
Stop stop stop.... its time to study...!!! Good luck to you guys in tomorrow quiz!!! ADIOS!!!

My current shoes & footwear

1. Nike Dunk Low
I believe most of you guys saw this model of shoes as alot of MMU students are wearing it. I bought this shoes on year 2007 before I came to Malacca MMU. The condition of this shoes is still good.

2. Nike Tennis Classic
I have bought quite alot of Nike shoes and I would say this is no.1 favorite shoes of mine.
Do you know why?
......ask me la... hehe! :-p

3. Quicksilver footwear
Actually I am fans of Quicksilver too. I like the design. The products are cool. I owned some Quicksilver products. But I personally feel that the quality(material) is not good as Nike. Furthermore the products are expensive than Nike.
Well I bought this pair of footwear since I don't see any nice footwear at Nike.
To me, this footwear looked casual and simple; I like it hehe.
What is your opinion about footwear? leave some comment... :-)

The Quality...

One of the reasons made me love Nike because the cloth fabric is soft and smooth and it make my body feel comfortable. Nike is using good material to produce its products. Usually, the Nike tees are made of Nike's Dri-FIT material, which like label below(see the pictures below) says, help absorb sweat and helps cool you down. While I wouldn't say the shirts feel 100% breathable, they did feel air-ier than the tees by other brand. But through my experienced, the shirt is really what the description says it is - the fabric is seriously "breathable". It absorbs sweat and allow air to get through to cool your body down. And very important, for such a "breathable" shirt, it is not see-through. (you... get one and try it out... LOL!)

Some of my Nike Dri-FIT,

LeBron James ID Band

Do you know Lebron James? If you don't know, let me tell you... hehe! LeBron James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association(NBA).
Nike is paying Lebron James for endorsement. Well if you guys notice that the Micheal Jordan products in Nike boutiques are getting lesser compared to Lebron James. Will Nike stop endorsement deal with Micheal Jordan in future?

I owned a Lebron James's product by Nike. see the photos below :-)

I bought this when the staff of Nike told me it is limited edition LeBron James baller ID band. It cost RM18 for 3 band.
What do you think? (Nice? Worth?)
Do give some comment... hehe!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Products are DURABLE!

Hie... good day to all!!! How are you guys? Hope you guys are doing good! Well, so sorry for taking such a long time to update my blog, as my house internet connection was down. And the technician from streamyx took sometimes to fixed it(lousy services :-p)
All right! Its time to catch up!

This post will talk about the durability of Nike products. I would say the Nike products is durable as I had personally experience it. The products is very long-lasting. You don't believe? Ok, I will prove my words. I will show you guys some photos as photos worth millions of word.

Below, there are some pictures regarding my experienced on Nike products, that I had used it for many many many years. The products is still with me now at my hometown as i keep it as collection. I manage to took the photos during midterm-break.

1. Nike Presto (By Jin Kazama edition; Tekken 3)
I bought this shoes when I was form 3, year 2002 if I'm not mistaken. I love this shoes very much, unfortunately the life of this shoes was over last year. The material of this products was fully damage after 6 years.

2. Nike footwear

I bought this footwear when I was in upper 6, year 2005. I stopped using this footwear this year because bottom no more flower(bunga sudah habis... tergelincir jika kena air) hehe! It last for 4 years.

3. Nike running shoes

I bought this when I was form 4, year 2003. I used to wear it for sport activities. It is a good running shoes, very comfortable. But the front part almost spoiled("cacat"). Saving money to go for a new one hehe.

Additional photos, my mum sport shoes(purple) and my sis sport shoes(pink)
We are fans of Nike! LOL!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Pricing...

Aloha to you guys! Welcome back to my blog! How are you doing! Well this post is about the price of Nike which is one of my reasons i choose Nike as my favorite brand and products. As I mentioned in the previous post, the price of Nike's product is under my budget. Actually the products that I used to consume is the T-Shirt and Sneaker. And you guys might wondering... how much is my budget for that products? For T-Shirt is RM60-RM70, Sneaker is RM180-RM250.

Some of you guys/even my friends might react...
1. Wow... Ernest are you nuts? You pay RM60-RM70 for a T-Shirt?
To me, it's worth the money. The brand name Nike worth the money. As you guys know that Nike is a foreign company and the brand name is well known around the world. I willing to pay MORE(more abit only la hehe) for a product that well known, famous, popular... rather than pay for those product which is unconsipicuous/unnoticeable brand.
For an example, the brand such as PADINI, IP ZONE, BALENO, SAMUEL&KEVIN, etc. Those T-Shirt normally cost around RM30-RM50(normal price/no discount la). The price gap between those brand and Nike is around RM20-RM30. Therefore I willing to pay MORE abit to get a better brand. I'm not brand orientated or anti-local brand, but the fact is the matter of worthiness.
Actually if you guys have a look clearly, Nike's products are slightly expensive is due to its promotional and endorsement cost. As you guys will see that Nike spent a lot of money, time and effort on its promotional and endorsement stuff. Nike is doing aggresively towards promotional and endorsement. It's incurr cost. As a result, the price of the products will going up abit compare to other brand's product(Do you guys see local brand promote it's brand aggresively, than Nike? I don't think so)

2. "WalauWeyyy"... Bata sneaker cannot wear mehhh? Why must pay RM180-RM250 for Nike's footwear? 1 Nike footwear = 5 Bata footwear oledi worrr!!!
To cut it short and simple, my reasons are...
  • DEFINITELY, I'm not rich. But I willing to save money and pay for the poducts. I willing to have 1 Nike sneaker rather than 5 Bata sneaker
  • The quality is good and durable.
  • The brand name is well known.
Guess I need to stop typing la... Because I afraid "some of you guys" might complaining my blog full of wording la... type too long la... so long lazy to read la... bla bla bla(hehe just kidding la) But I promise there will be some PHOTO coming up, once my friend lend me his camera. So hang on there! hehe!

As a conclusion for this post, I personally feel that the price of Nike's products is acceptable. I know some of you guys might not agree with me. So please share your point of view with me... leave some comment...!!! hehe!!! All right... the next post will be other reason... so stay with me ya!
Thank you for spending some time at my blog...!!! :-D
See you again!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My reasons...

Good day to you guys again! Thanks for visiting my blog again. Well this post I will telling you guys the reasons that I choose Nike as my favorite brand.

The reasons I choose Nike as my favorite brand
1. The price is reasonable (it is under my budget)
2. The quality is good (the cloth fabric is soft and smooth)
3. The design is simple and nice (smart and casual)
4. The product is quite durable (tahan lasak larrr... try it if you don't believe)

I will explain my points in more detail in the next coming post. You guys might not agree with my points. Therefore I will feel much appreciated if you guys willing to drop by some comments regarding my post. Hehe... CHEERS!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Blog for New Bird

Good day ladies and gentlemen, thanks for viewing my blog. First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ernest Phang Khoon Loo. You all may call me Ernest. I am 21++ years old, male, from north Malaysia Penang Island, currently doing my degree in Multimedia University in Malacca.

My hobbies and interests.
1. Food (Especially Penang food-laksa, char koay teow, hokkien mee, etc)
2. Cars, cars. cars... I love cars...
3. Fishing
4. Bowling

For your information, this is my first blog ever! hehe! If you guys ask why am I blogging? Well honestly the reason is... compulsory larrr! asked by my lecturer Miss Christine to do so as all the students who taking Marketing and Information Technology are required to create a blog for themselves. This will take point in our assignment. Actually this assignment is good because I can take this opportunity to brush up my English(so guys, please correct me if I did any spelling or grammar mistake here! hehe!) This assignment required us to choose a brand name and evaluate on its products and services, price, promotion, place to distribute and so on. From the tittle above, I believe that you guys already know the brand that I have chosen for this assignment... YES... YOU ARE RIGHT... IT'S NIKE...!!! Therefore I will start to introduce about Nike in the next coming post. So stay with me... hehe! -JUST DO IT-