Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Weaknesses...

Arrrgghhh... OMG OMG OMG... We'll have marketing IT quiz 12hours from now! and I'm still blogging! What the *&#%* am I doing? Suppose to study right... haiz...
All right... lets blog it fast!!!

This post regarding the Nike's product weaknesses. As after I consuming Nike's products for sometimes, I found out the weaknesses... and I would like to share it with you guys...
  1. One of my friend who work in Nike boutique, told me that Nike's shoes can ONLY wash by using water or with body shampoo. This is because the material of the shoes are very sensitive.
  2. The clothes must use hand-wash(my advise-don't ever use washing machine). I just realize this weakness when I started my uni-life in MMU. I wash my Nike clothes by using washing machine. And it end up... look at the pictures below
After I wash it with washing machine, the round neck colar turn ROJAK! !@#$%^&*

Did you face this problem? Come on... Share your opinion with me :-)
But, still I will continue support Nike and consume its products as I believe every products have its weaknesses. Kudos NIKE!!!
Stop stop stop.... its time to study...!!! Good luck to you guys in tomorrow quiz!!! ADIOS!!!


  1. so kesian...erm, so far, no...didnt face those problem with my nike shirt...think maybe it's the washing machine and the washing liquid u using may harm the cloth material..

  2. hey, so far as i concern, i not facing any problem when i wear a nike brand. Normally, when you bought the exoensive shirt, some shirt can't wash with washing machine and you have to wash it by using hand. hahaha.. am i rite not? hurmmm..;).. do give me a comment on my blog ya....

  3. haha! pity far i don have any problem with it.. i juz wash it using washing machine but stil ok i think