Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Pricing...

Aloha to you guys! Welcome back to my blog! How are you doing! Well this post is about the price of Nike which is one of my reasons i choose Nike as my favorite brand and products. As I mentioned in the previous post, the price of Nike's product is under my budget. Actually the products that I used to consume is the T-Shirt and Sneaker. And you guys might wondering... how much is my budget for that products? For T-Shirt is RM60-RM70, Sneaker is RM180-RM250.

Some of you guys/even my friends might react...
1. Wow... Ernest are you nuts? You pay RM60-RM70 for a T-Shirt?
To me, it's worth the money. The brand name Nike worth the money. As you guys know that Nike is a foreign company and the brand name is well known around the world. I willing to pay MORE(more abit only la hehe) for a product that well known, famous, popular... rather than pay for those product which is unconsipicuous/unnoticeable brand.
For an example, the brand such as PADINI, IP ZONE, BALENO, SAMUEL&KEVIN, etc. Those T-Shirt normally cost around RM30-RM50(normal price/no discount la). The price gap between those brand and Nike is around RM20-RM30. Therefore I willing to pay MORE abit to get a better brand. I'm not brand orientated or anti-local brand, but the fact is the matter of worthiness.
Actually if you guys have a look clearly, Nike's products are slightly expensive is due to its promotional and endorsement cost. As you guys will see that Nike spent a lot of money, time and effort on its promotional and endorsement stuff. Nike is doing aggresively towards promotional and endorsement. It's incurr cost. As a result, the price of the products will going up abit compare to other brand's product(Do you guys see local brand promote it's brand aggresively, than Nike? I don't think so)

2. "WalauWeyyy"... Bata sneaker cannot wear mehhh? Why must pay RM180-RM250 for Nike's footwear? 1 Nike footwear = 5 Bata footwear oledi worrr!!!
To cut it short and simple, my reasons are...
  • DEFINITELY, I'm not rich. But I willing to save money and pay for the poducts. I willing to have 1 Nike sneaker rather than 5 Bata sneaker
  • The quality is good and durable.
  • The brand name is well known.
Guess I need to stop typing la... Because I afraid "some of you guys" might complaining my blog full of wording la... type too long la... so long lazy to read la... bla bla bla(hehe just kidding la) But I promise there will be some PHOTO coming up, once my friend lend me his camera. So hang on there! hehe!

As a conclusion for this post, I personally feel that the price of Nike's products is acceptable. I know some of you guys might not agree with me. So please share your point of view with me... leave some comment...!!! hehe!!! All right... the next post will be other reason... so stay with me ya!
Thank you for spending some time at my blog...!!! :-D
See you again!!!


  1. yo~~ Nike, i lovin it. well, thx for the pricing information, coz nw feel like wanna get another extra nike shoes. well as a die heart fans of Nike, sometimes we willing to pay the price for satisfaction. =D

  2. I think you're right at some the reason its more expensive than other brands. And I think it's a good sports brand =) Nike's adverts are one of the best. keep up with the updates on more varieties of Nike products okay!

  3. I agree with, Nike is really worth the money considering their design and the material the use

  4. "WalauWeyyy", use bata to compared with nike.. haha

  5. ernie...agree with u also if i were u i rather get 1 nike than 5 bata.nice 2 wear sumore.can make as an investment for satisfaction....

  6. ur opinion is so much alike my fren. i know that he is rite n so are u....btw,all my sportswear are nike's absolutely have good quality..quality+beauty..hehehehe