Friday, May 8, 2009

Scooby says...

The Jacket & Shorts

All right... this post will talk about jacket and shorts.
I bought this Nike jacket for quite long time ago... if not mistaken I bought it since I was Form4. It almost 5 years old but the condition is still in 99% perfect condition. Well I seldom wear it... why? Hardly can wear it because you know la... Msia weather so hot... how to wear... lol... I only wear it when in low temp or aircond surrounding... otherwise will "pengsan" if wear it under the hot sun :-p

Besides I also bought this Nike shorts for quite sometimes... I couldn't remember when.... But I'm pretty sure I bought it more than 4 years. This shorts looked simple and casual. Usually I will wear it for normal outing. Its comfortable. And unbelievable the condition is still good. Of course it slightly expensive than normal shorts. But I'm satisfied with the price la because I paid for better quality... hehe :-D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Break It???

Most of my friends know that I am fans of Nike...
And then... one of my very good friend bought me THIS!!!
Just Break It? It stiffer than what you think!!!
(trying to make fun of my favorite product brand slogan, BLEK :-p)
Anyway I appreciate it, thank you so much Yi Wern!!! lol!

The Nike ADS...

C.Ronaldo wanabe!!!

Dear footballer, please don't do this to get a pair of boots :-D

Monday, April 27, 2009

Nike... The Last Post...???

So... will this be my last post???
hehe... NOPE!!!... because I found out that blogging is quite fun...
besides, I still have alot of Nike products yet to introduce!
Therefore I will continue blogging about Nike products and also its services!
Do come back for the latest info! :-D

The Labor Abuse???

Hie all, how are you guys? Hope that you guys are doing good! Hehe!
So the previous class during my presentation, Miss Christine has ask me the issues regarding Nike labor abuse...
is it true?
Well, after I went for some survey... and the answer is... TOO MANY ANSWER la....!!!
Too many cases have been debate... accused here... accused there... claimed here... claimed there...
I unsure whether it is real or only just rumors...
Of course I personally not agree with labor abuse as a manufacturing tools...
If Nike is really abuse its labor such as using labor child/child labor, yes I will definitely stop consume its product!
Anyone of you have better opinions towards Nike Labor Abuse?
Come come... share with us... hehe :-D