Sunday, April 5, 2009

My current shoes & footwear

1. Nike Dunk Low
I believe most of you guys saw this model of shoes as alot of MMU students are wearing it. I bought this shoes on year 2007 before I came to Malacca MMU. The condition of this shoes is still good.

2. Nike Tennis Classic
I have bought quite alot of Nike shoes and I would say this is no.1 favorite shoes of mine.
Do you know why?
......ask me la... hehe! :-p

3. Quicksilver footwear
Actually I am fans of Quicksilver too. I like the design. The products are cool. I owned some Quicksilver products. But I personally feel that the quality(material) is not good as Nike. Furthermore the products are expensive than Nike.
Well I bought this pair of footwear since I don't see any nice footwear at Nike.
To me, this footwear looked casual and simple; I like it hehe.
What is your opinion about footwear? leave some comment... :-)

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