Sunday, February 22, 2009

My reasons...

Good day to you guys again! Thanks for visiting my blog again. Well this post I will telling you guys the reasons that I choose Nike as my favorite brand.

The reasons I choose Nike as my favorite brand
1. The price is reasonable (it is under my budget)
2. The quality is good (the cloth fabric is soft and smooth)
3. The design is simple and nice (smart and casual)
4. The product is quite durable (tahan lasak larrr... try it if you don't believe)

I will explain my points in more detail in the next coming post. You guys might not agree with my points. Therefore I will feel much appreciated if you guys willing to drop by some comments regarding my post. Hehe... CHEERS!


  1. yaya,i agree wif ur point..
    my first nike shoes was given fr my mum
    she think branded product has good quality and durable^^
    i also think so...

  2. Nike is the best! I'm a fan of nike if i can afford it. LOL. my futsal shoes also nike. used to have alot nike shoes. But now eco bad, cant afford a new one.... T.T