Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Products are DURABLE!

Hie... good day to all!!! How are you guys? Hope you guys are doing good! Well, so sorry for taking such a long time to update my blog, as my house internet connection was down. And the technician from streamyx took sometimes to fixed it(lousy services :-p)
All right! Its time to catch up!

This post will talk about the durability of Nike products. I would say the Nike products is durable as I had personally experience it. The products is very long-lasting. You don't believe? Ok, I will prove my words. I will show you guys some photos as photos worth millions of word.

Below, there are some pictures regarding my experienced on Nike products, that I had used it for many many many years. The products is still with me now at my hometown as i keep it as collection. I manage to took the photos during midterm-break.

1. Nike Presto (By Jin Kazama edition; Tekken 3)
I bought this shoes when I was form 3, year 2002 if I'm not mistaken. I love this shoes very much, unfortunately the life of this shoes was over last year. The material of this products was fully damage after 6 years.

2. Nike footwear

I bought this footwear when I was in upper 6, year 2005. I stopped using this footwear this year because bottom no more flower(bunga sudah habis... tergelincir jika kena air) hehe! It last for 4 years.

3. Nike running shoes

I bought this when I was form 4, year 2003. I used to wear it for sport activities. It is a good running shoes, very comfortable. But the front part almost spoiled("cacat"). Saving money to go for a new one hehe.

Additional photos, my mum sport shoes(purple) and my sis sport shoes(pink)
We are fans of Nike! LOL!

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